Our Story

2020 was hard.
Women, I believe were presented with the most significant challenges juggling a career, and the new responsibilities we were faced with as "pandemic parenting" became the new normal. I personally struggled with the demands of my job as a Territory Sales Representative who had previously traveled at the drop of a hat to accommodate accounts, and meet sales goals. My boys were out of school, daycare was no longer an option, and those sales goals still existed.
Life had been heavy.
I was presented with an ultimatum by one company, and the choice was simple:
Kids come first.
As much as I didn't (and still don't) have the answers or solutions to what is happening, I realized that I had spent the better part of the past year feeling overwhelmed trying to be everything to everyone. I felt mediocre, at best trying to continue on a career woman, and find balance in my new roles as Remote Educator, Lunch Lady, School Nurse, Technical Support, etc.
It was time to PIVOT.
I had managed to maintain my sales goals with Dita Eyewear through zoom calls, texts, and other means of online sales tools. I had a strong foundation of relationships with my accounts, and they trusted me to continue to keep their boutiques stocked with the finest eyewear from a distance.
Ok, so I am decent at relationships?

Pomp & Chic was born out of the love for fashion and built on the foundation of friendships and relationships. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin and having confidence throughout every stage of life. We are women empowering other women, one outfit at a time.

It's about me teaching my children how to turn obstacles into opportunity, and just to keep on keeping' on.